Series 3 NSW 45' Banana Van Collection

From 1987 approximately 66 LLV / GLV type vans were recoded to NLBF or NLBX for use on banana traffic from NSW North Coast to southern markets, these recoded wagons lasted in service until 1992.

Each van was painted with various lining liveries with no 2 vans actually being alike.

They were also equipped with 2 large signs on the sides, one being the Banana Growers Federation logo and the other the Unzip a NSW Banana logo.

Not all vans received both logos, even some that did lost some over time.

We're producing 3 packs of 3 vans with each van having its own unique colour scheme.

These are due around October 2024.

Images below show the current production in the factory.

NLBF 5962
NLBX Preproduction