Series 4 NSW 45' Louvre Van Collection

The NSW Railways has procured numerous styles of Louvre Vans throughout its life.

Both 4 wheel and bogie styles were obtained from various manufacturers over the years.

Starting in 1951, 300 LLV Louvre Van kits were imported from the Birmingham Railway Car & Wagon Co. Ltd, and assembled by A.E.Goodwin Ltd. between Sept. 1951 & Aug. 1953 for the NSW Government Railways.
These wagons had rivetted under frames and the numbers allocated were reclaimed from previously scraped wagons.

Later on, 75 GLV Louvre Vans were delivered between 1958 - 1959 by Tulloch Ltd. Of Rhodes, NSW.

Initially coded LLV, these wagons were different to the initial batch of LLV’s by having welded under frames and altered end panels.
These wagons and the subsequent batch of 200 LLV wagons produced by Hadfields from 1961 - 1965 were recoded to GLV in Nov. 1963. This was a result of the capacity of the wagon increasing from 40t. to 47t.
Starting from Oct. 1964, they were recoded GLX

In addition, a further 75 HLV/HLX Vans were produced between 1958 - 1959 by Tulloch Ltd. of Rhodes, NSW

These vans featured one large wide and one slighter narrower sliding door offset on each side.

We are producing 9 packs of these various vans in this production run, which are expected around October 2024.

Images below show the current production in the factory.

GLX Preproduction
GLX Preproduction